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        This is a picture of myself, and my wife. Brenna and I have been married 32 years, and truly a blessed marriage it has 
been.  We were both Christians when we were married, and she has always remained faithful to Christ, but after a few years of 
being self employed, I drifted away and eventually quit the Church.

         The thing that turned me against the Church was dealing with the hands in the air, "I would never do that" Christians. Pastors too, who would lie for a dollar. I soon became so disenchanted with the Church that I turned my back and it was years before I looked back. I thought at the time the only way to tell if a person was a real Christian was to get in their pocket, and if something didn't go just right I would see if they maintained a Christian attitude.

         You see I was in a line of work that made it somewhat difficult to every time get the desired results on the end product. I was a well driller. Whatever was in the aquifer I was able to put on the surface, but, if the water didn't smell like roses, or taste like Pepsi Cola you would then see a lot of people act in the strangest ways. In twenty four years I only met two people who claimed to be Christians, that acted like Christians when things didn't go right. I had no control over the water God had created, sometimes it had undesirable minerals, sulphur gas in the water, or sometimes the well would not produce water in useful quantity. If you expected them to pay a bill for something they were unhappy with then is when you could tell if they were what they were what they claimed. I didn't want the world to look at me and think I was part of their group. So still believing in God the father and his son Jesus, I stepped out of the church, and for 10 years I didn't think about it.

         Then one evening as I sat alone in my living room, bored with television, satellite radio came to mind, and as I began to hear a man preaching, some strange things were being said that renewed my interest in scripture. I began to make notes and checked the scripture to see if they were surely as he had taught them, and they were. Night after night I listened. I began to support his ministry financially, and talked with him. He was on a trip to my state and stopped to visit with me, staying for two weeks. I have now been studying under his ministry three years.

        Oh how I misread the scripture before, and now I can see. When I speak of these things, people usually think of extremist groups. Not at all. We teach that God the father in the beginning spoke and nothing became everything. That Jesus is the only begotten son of God and died for my and your sins, and rose by the power of God on the third day, and lives and reigns today at the right hand of the father, and will return for his Church.

         What I disagree with is, the traditional Church, their belief in their doctrine, their rules and regulations, their legalistic point of view. 

         So you say "that is not the case in my church". Oh really!!